Sell Silver

From our name one may think that we only buy gold in Atlanta. WRONG. We are one of Georgia's largest buyers of silver.

We feel that nobody pays more for your silver than A1 Gold Buyers™. Receive up to 90% of the melt price for all your silver. Silver is at a 31 year high and has increased more than any other commodity.

Will it continue to rise? The experts seem to believe that we are in for a period of sharp decreases. We don't know for sure. However we do know that right now the price is high and we will make every attempt to pay more than our competitors.

We are buying all 925, sterling silver and silver coins. If you are not sure whether your goods are silver, feel free to bring it into any of our metro Atlanta locations and our educated assessor will examine your valuables and advise you accordingly.

We look forward to serving “ALL YOUR SILVER NEEDS” Bring in your broken or mismatched silver jewelry and get a wonderful surprise at how much it’s worth.


sell silver Atlanta